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We provide the following policy to inform Optimum Online and Optimum Online Boost subscribers ('you') of our practices regarding personally identifiable information that may be collected, used and disclosed during the course of providing our Optimum Online and Optimum Online Boost services (individually and collectively the 'Optimum Online Service(s)'). Optimum Online Services are provided by CSC Holdings, Inc. ('Cablevision' or 'we'). Optimum Online Boost offers you additional features that may be provided by authorized third party providers. You may direct any questions regarding our Optimum Online privacy practices to:

Attn: Security
CSC Holdings, Inc.
1111 Stewart Avenue
Bethpage, NY 11714-3581

You should also be aware that our Optimum Online Service may allow you to view third party content, applications or interact with third party entities or individuals that are independent of Cablevision as well as third parties who operate co-branded features of or optional services through the Optimum Online Service pursuant to agreements with Cablevision. By using services provided or operated by third parties, you may enable these third parties to obtain personally identifiable information about you. The practices described in this policy do not apply to any such third parties. You must review the privacy policies, if any, provided by these third parties. If you do not agree with the posted privacy practices or are unsure about any aspect of third party privacy practices, you should not access or use that third party service. Cablevision is not responsible or liable if any of these third parties fails to follow their posted policies.

Collection of personally identifiable information

We collect personally identifiable information about you when: (a) you voluntarily provide information to us; (ii) it is necessary to provide our services to you, operate efficiently or provide enhancements to the Optimum Online Service; or (c) to prevent unauthorized reception of our services. The types of information about you that may constitute personally identifiable information includes:

Registration and account information, including your name, home, e-mail and work address, screen names, telephone numbers, social security number, driver's license number, billing, service, payment and credit records, credit card or bank account information, customer correspondence, complaint and service history, and records of violations or alleged violations of the terms, conditions and policies that govern your use of the Optimum Online Service;

Account usage information, including the services you subscribe to, service preferences and settings you indicate through your voluntary interaction with the system, certain transactions you make through the Optimum Online Service, how often you access and how long you use the Optimum Online Service, and the number and name of additional e-mail addresses or accounts set up through the Optimum Online Service;

Technical information, including the types and number of devices you use to connect directly or indirectly to the system (e.g., converters, cable modems, or other equipment), the location and configuration of these devices, the delivery and routing of our service to you, and maintenance and repair records for the devices used for the Optimum Online Service; and

Other information, including research records containing information obtained through voluntary subscriber interviews or surveys, information provided to Cablevision from receipt of cable or other services, publicly available information, home ownership or rental information so we can obtain any permission required prior to installing or servicing our equipment, or other information we need to render our Optimum Online Service to you.

We may combine personally identifiable information with other publicly available information (such as census and household information) or information obtained from our affiliated entities, third-party providers of co-branded services as part of or through the Optimum Online Service or other third parties. We may use this information to create an enhanced subscriber database, to research our service features, or we may segment personally identifiable information to create separate subscribers lists or aggregate information lists. Aggregate information lists that we may collect or create do not identify individual subscribers.

How we use personally identifiable information

We use personally identifiable information to provide you with accurate and high quality customer service, including responding to subscriber inquiries and troubleshooting; to ensure proper billing and delivery of our Optimum Online Services; to protect the security of our equipment and services; to communicate with subscribers about service issues, enhanced features and new product or service offerings; to improve the quality of our services; to ensure compliance with applicable laws and the terms, conditions and policies governing the Optimum Online Service; and to maintain our accounting and tax records.

Subscribers may choose to not receive Optimum Online promotional or marketing information calls, e-mail or direct mail by contacting us at 1-888-4Optimum.

Disclosure of personally identifiable information

We will only disclose personally identifiable information about you to others if you provide written or electronic consent in advance or it is permitted by federal law. Specifically, federal law allows us to disclose personally identifiable information to third parties when (i) it is necessary to render, or conduct a legitimate business activity related to, our services provided to you; (ii) for advertising or mailing lists as described below; or (iii) when disclosure is required by court order or other legal process.

Consistent with these limitations, people that may have authorized access to your personally identifiable information include our employees, billing and collection services; credit reporting agencies; installation, repair and subscriber assistance subcontractors or agents; sales representatives; attorneys, consultants and accountants; software vendors; service suppliers; auditors of service providers; marketers of Optimum Online products and services, entities affiliated through common ownership or control with Optimum Online and Cablevision, strategic partners offering or providing products or services jointly or on behalf of Optimum Online or Cablevision; consumer and market research entities; merchants or other third parties from whom you make purchases or other requests; a purchasing entity if we sell or transfer ownership; and authorized representatives of government.

The frequency of disclosures to these persons varies according to business or legal needs. For example, information for billing purposes is generally provided on a monthly basis. Information for other purposes may be provided on a daily basis.

Disclosures necessary to render or conduct a legitimate business activity include, but are not limited to, disclosures to connect and utilize your Optimum Online Service, fulfill requested transactions, personalize your online experience, properly service and bill your account, to help research, develop and offer new and enhanced services provided by Cablevision, or disclosures pursuant to a transfer in ownership of all or a part of the Optimum Online Service or Cablevision.

Unless you object, federal law also allows us to disclose Optimum Online subscribers' names, addresses and the level or type of service subscription to affiliated or non-affiliated third parties, including charities, advertisers and marketing entities for product advertisement, direct marketing and research. If we decide to disclose this information, under no circumstances will we disclose to these third parties the extent of your viewing practices or the transactions you make over the system. If you do not want your name or address disclosed to these third parties, please inform us in writing and then include with your Optimum Online subscriber bill and payment.

Consistent with the requirements found in the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 ('Cable Act'), the Electronic Communications Privacy Act ('ECPA'), the Digital Millennium Copyright ('DMCA') and other federal laws, we may disclose personally identifiable information to representatives of government or other authorized persons. We will disclose such information pursuant to a warrant, court order, administrative subpoena, other legal process or voluntarily if we reasonably believe that an emergency involving immediate danger of death or serious injury to any person justifies disclosure of the information.

A private party may also use a subpoena under the DMCA to require our disclosure of a subscriber's personally identifiable information when the party believes the subscriber has infringed on the copyright of such party. Upon receipt of the subpoena, we are required to identify the alleged infringer, without any notice to such subscriber.

The ECPA also authorizes, and other laws may require, the disclosure of subscriber content or other communications made via our Optimum Online Service if we become aware of evidence of child pornography, we inadvertently obtain content or communications and it appears to pertain to the commission of a crime, or disclosure is to law enforcement if we believe there is an emergency involving death or serious injury that requires disclosure. Disclosure of content and communications is also permitted to an addressee or intended recipient; to a person involved in forwarding such information to its destination; when it is necessarily incident to providing our Optimum Online Service or to protect our rights or property; or to others with your consent or the consent of the addressee or intended recipient of the communications.

If federal law requires, we will provide you with notice of the disclosures provided above.

Length of time that we retain personally identifiable information

We retain personally identifiable information only as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, to comply with laws governing our business, including tax and accounting laws, or to satisfy pending requests or orders for access by subscribers, the government or pursuant to court order. For example, to comply with tax or other accounting laws, this means we may retain personally identifiable information for seven years or longer. When information is no longer necessary for these purposes, we destroy it.

Protection of personally identifiable information

We take reasonable technical and physical security measures to protect your personally identifiable information. For example, we utilize secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to protect certain information you provide to us; employ verification measures to protect e-mail during delivery; maintain our Optimum Online subscriber database in a restricted area and secure the content by use of firewalls and other security methods. We also limit access to databases containing subscribers' personally identifiable information to specifically authorized employees and agents and other parties identified in the disclosure section above. As an added measure, we provide additional security suggestions on our Optimum Online website. http://www.optimum.net/Lifestyle/MyComputer/Security

Despite these measures, we do not guarantee the security of information stored in our database or that unauthorized parties will not intercept information you send or receive over the Internet. As a shared resource, the Internet subjects our services and you to the risk of unauthorized access to files and data, even when security measures are implemented. These risks are not unique to the Optimum Online Service, but exist whether you access the Internet through other providers or technologies. If you use the Optimum Online Service or the Internet to send, receive or post personal or confidential information, you do so at your own risk.

Access to records containing personally identifiable information

You have the right to inspect our Optimum Online records that contain personally identifiable information about you and to notify of us if you believe there are errors that need correcting in such information. Cablevision retains the right, in its sole discretion, to determine: (1) whether such information is correct; and (2) if corrections are required, the timing and manner of such corrections. If you wish to view such information, please notify us in writing at the local business office specified on your service bill. We will then contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for review during our regular business hours.

Your rights under federal law

If you believe that we have violated the Cable Act's limitations on the collection, disclosure and retention of personally identifiable information, you may have the right to bring an action for damages in Federal District Court. In the Optimum Online Terms of Service Agreement, you have agreed that, to the extent permitted by law, certain claims you may have against us, including damage amounts, will be limited.

Notification for changes to this Policy

We will review our privacy practices on a periodic basis as we deem appropriate and when we change or update our Optimum Online Service. We will post these changes in a revised privacy policy that we will make available to subscribers either through our Optimum Online Service, website or by mail. Use of the Optimum Online Service following notice of a revised policy constitutes your acceptance to the revised privacy provisions.

Protection of Children's Privacy

We do not collect personally identifiable information from children under thirteen years of age to connect and provide the Optimum Online Service. If, as a part of a future service offering, we decide to request personally identifiable information from children under thirteen, we will require verifiable parental consent before we collect this information, except in circumstances authorized by law.